Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog Fight Pro / Pit Road M track day at Central Circuit -2

Continuing on....

The Elgrand usually fits in nicely among other Japanese car in traffic but at the race track....not so much.  Thanks to its straight through side exit exhaust it was one of the loudest vehicles at the track.

This MR-2 was looking mmeeaann sitting in the pits.  I wish I had seen it on the track-

Lining up to go out.  Notice the car on the left?

Had to take a pic of this guy because I have seen his stuff on the net and well...I have the same car.

Here is the aforementioned mystery car.  Seeing one of these on the track at this time is amazing considering the car came out a week or two before.  Big props to this owner.

The Hondas were really ripping it up this day and it looked like most of them were dedicated racers.  Here is one friend reviewing the video he had taken no doubt looking for ways to improve their lap time.

Poor Aki, my son.  This was his first trip to a circuit and didn't go well.  Poor guy.  He was scared to death thanks to cars like these-

Besides the Primera driver, this guy is up with the rest of the classy drivers-

This Supra sure would be fun to take for a spin on the track too though-

Damn, I missed it-

Perhaps someday I will upgrade-

Drivers who attend track days in Japan usually go alone I find but may bring a friend for support.  Perhaps they go with their "team."  However, no one said it can't be a family affair-

Simply styling yet very functional-

Same goes for the engine bay-

Rare to see EVO 4 on the track so it was great to see 3 (including mine) at one event-

But, Honda dominated.  There was a dozen or so of these killer bees buzzing up the joint-

This nicely tuned FD was keeping them at bay though-


After my 30 minute stint out on the track I came in and let the car cool off.  I was eager to see my lap times and luckily they had them already printed.  1'38"  Not great but certainly not bad for my first time.  It was a great learning experience and I realized a lot more about how to control the car when it isn't on a completely wet surface.  The car did take quite a beating getting that time though.  My front tires were in horrible condition due to my massive power on under steering cornering and the front arches not rolled enough.  The fender lines look like swiss cheese now and the I think heat of the day and the hard running got the rear LSD or AYC oil to excited and it decided to leave a mess all over the back of the car.  And, to top it off the transmission has a new sound to it.

No one said racing was easy.


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